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I'm a writer and the author behind a group of characters. It's as simple and complex as that. My friends call me Yoshi, my name is Yashira. This is my space for all of that. There is a chance I may be a bit mad. Writing is my passion, and roleplaying my obsession. Whovian, Potterhead, Sherlockian, and Disney fanatic. Blatant Harmless Equal Opportunity Flirt.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Their Namesake Artists. 


I love this one! Been listening to it all week!

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fresh strawberry pie







A brilliant metaphor

Congratulations, you all are twelve!

Being a man is like being a dog. We are expected to be strong and loyal to earn our keep. Women are like cats. They aren’t really expected to do anything. If they choose to be productive, cool, but no one requires them to do anything.

Dogs are seen as violent and stupid while cats are smart and elegant. When they get into a fight, the dog is always seen as the aggressor, even though cats can absolutely be violent and irrational. Doesn’t matter if the cat started it or not, cause in the end, the dog will be punished and the cat will be cuddled.

Dogs are expected to do the dangerous jobs like herding and police work. Cats, at most, are expected to be cute and nap.

People automatically assume that dogs are dangerous, but have no problem going up to pet a strange cat. Dogs are more likely to be put down for attacking a person than a cat. As in more likely to be punished for the same crime.

Don’t make stupid comparisons about people if you aren’t ready to have them thrown right back in your face.   

^Now THAT’S a brilliant metaphor.


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Football Meme : Toni Kroos

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Here’s the dress I made for my local Renaissance Fair! It was inspired by this dress, pictured in a 15th century French manuscript illumination. The layers upon tightly-laced layers made it hard to do anything except sit up straight and get my family to do things for me, which was fine with me. ;) I received many compliments while walking around the Fair, which is super flattering considering all the amazing costumers there. 

Anybody crazy in love with this costume? You’re in luck, because it is now available for purchase from my Etsy store

8 notes?  Really folks, this is a gorgeous and unique design.  Nicely done.

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